Sunday, June 29, 2014




An illustration of a royal knight with bravery in her eyes. A bit of kitbashing using my old sketches. No post effects.

*curently listening to: Heroes of Might and Magic VI OST - The Land Of The Griffin, Crysis 2 OST - Nanosuit 2 Crynet Systems, The Witcher OST - Believe,Final Fantasy XIII OST - The Warpath Home

and some nice action music: Crysis 2 OST - Under Assault, Crysis 2 OST - S.O.S

An illustration of an elf warrior inspired by classic rpg's like Neverwinter Nights and the RTS game Warcraft III. For the composition I'm trying to emulate an rpg's startup screen ambiance. Going to change the face as well since I'm using the exact same face for another illustration. As for the background, I'm naming it "The Forbidden Marshes", a fictional location in this fantasy world.

*curently listening to: Neverwinter Nights OST


Gods and The Quest of Mortal Men

A set of alternate reality/fantasy/Ancient Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology themed matte paintings. Inspired by Skyrim, Ryse, Age of Mythology, Titan Quest, Titan Movies, The Immortals movie, Thor movies. I think the style I used here is more of a matte painting than a concept art style so I'm calling it - an attempt at matte painting. Still have a lot of pixels to cover. The ocean background were photos taken by my friend which I edited and the mountain landscape placeholders are lowres stock images, I'll buy hires versions once I find a nice match for my compostitions. Of course if given the time I would rather model these in 3D but the average lifespan of human beings doesn't allow for this nonsense.

*currently listening to: Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy Of Gold, Dann of THURSDAY - GUNxSWORD OST (Nakagawa Koutarou)


Female characters. I just realized that posting just the head sculptures doesn't look too presentable. I'll will need to fix this as bit later.


An unfinished illustration of a rogue, a paladin concept art, inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, and an unfinished digital painting of a female warrior

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