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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

Included in the credits of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Phantoms © Ubisoft Entertainment as part of the art team. Re-posting links to artworks with permission from the art leads. Thanks to KhanSevenFrames for tagging me, Paul Tan (luciferx) and Beej Paz for posting.

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Renders and unofficial Crysis 2 modding.

Emma Stone/Gwen Stacy Fan Art

Emma Stone / Spider-man's Gwen Stacy fan art.

Pagani Zonda R

Modeled my favorite supercar.




Sniper class character. The final version will have more accessories.


Here are a collection of unfinished organic and hard surface models I made and imported into the Crysis 2 Sandbox Editor Version of CryEngine 3 which I downloaded from their website a couple of months ago. Putting this on hold for now, just wanted to share the pics. These models are very very rough 3d concepts and do NOT represent the full power and capabilities of the CryEngine. But in time I hope to refine the individual assets to bring it to current industry quality standards. I'll start off with this one, its a prototype off-road vehicle. with a mounted projector.


I'm going to add some mechs later.


Picking up where I left off on my hipoly smg model. I know making one is redundant considering the already high amount of models like it out there but it's still a good hard surface modeling practice.




Stellar, a character concept of a young girl.

I envision the character as having a typical skilltree that enables her to develop superhuman strength, perform non-lethal takedowns, manipulate space and matter, and ability to slow down time considerably. The frequency that she is able to use these skills can be limited by scripted scenarios and mission objectives so that she and the player must rely more on intelligently using the environment to outmaneuver and outsmart their foes. Though the encounters are fast paced with mostly run, hide and flanking tactics,  I imagine the entire game to be slow paced so that the players could enjoy the visuals and absorb the atmosphere.

An example combat scenario in this imaginary game that I have in my head could be an encounter with a group of armed guards also having celestial DNA. Since she can analyze situations quickly and move quite fast, she can avoid incoming bullets by calculating their trajectory before they hit eliminating the need for her to do acrobatic dodging, she can just run around gracefully in the level moving very fast cover to cover without getting hit (thus making her look she's in control of the situation) while trying to get close to an opponent so that she may be able to use melee power attacks (sort of like how Wonder Woman would pound a villain, with complimentary high pitch sound effects with every punch ) which are her specialty. The player on the other hand lacks these special abilities but can watch and use typical fps weapons and a few special gadgets to help her gain the upper hand in combat.

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Posting the initial idea I had for my female warrior painting,  I'm changing the clothing design back to a leather top and leather capri.  I was inspired to paint this by some very realistic airbrushed paintings I saw in an old magazine. Haven't added shadows to the eyes yet, still working on proper shading and shadowing. For this exercise I refrained from using photo manipulation (which is a legitimate workflow practice in a production environment). I used mainly the standard brush and smudge tools in Photoshop plus blending modes and layers. At first I wanted to use just the standard brushes but creating the subtle shading and color gradiation was too difficult and time consuming without the use of smudge and blend modes.


Celeste, a character sculpted in Zbrush. Modified version of my entry to Game Artisan's previous Comicon Challenge. Planning to add a round base at the bottom. Knees look swollen at the moment, will fix it later.

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Very wip composition studies. Final composition's camera perspective will be the top one. This view is perfect as well.




An illustration of a royal knight with bravery in her eyes. A bit of kitbashing using my old sketches. No post effects.

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and some nice action music: Crysis 2 OST - Under Assault, Crysis 2 OST - S.O.S

An illustration of an elf warrior inspired by classic rpg's like Neverwinter Nights and the RTS game Warcraft III. For the composition I'm trying to emulate an rpg's startup screen ambiance. Going to change the face as well since I'm using the exact same face for another illustration. As for the background, I'm naming it "The Forbidden Marshes", a fictional location in this fantasy world.

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Gods and The Quest of Mortal Men

A set of alternate reality/fantasy/Ancient Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology themed matte paintings. Inspired by Skyrim, Ryse, Age of Mythology, Titan Quest, Titan Movies, The Immortals movie, Thor movies. I think the style I used here is more of a matte painting than a concept art style so I'm calling it - an attempt at matte painting. Still have a lot of pixels to cover. The ocean background were photos taken by my friend which I edited and the mountain landscape placeholders are lowres stock images, I'll buy hires versions once I find a nice match for my compostitions. Of course if given the time I would rather model these in 3D but the average lifespan of human beings doesn't allow for this nonsense.

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Female characters. I just realized that posting just the head sculptures doesn't look too presentable. I'll will need to fix this as bit later.


An unfinished illustration of a rogue, a paladin concept art, inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, and an unfinished digital painting of a female warrior




Something I've been working on during lunch breaks.

Merging this with the Elder Vampire theme, might take a long time before I get back to polishing this.

Well technically.


Some old screengrabs of test mesh imported into UDK ( Unreal Engine 3 ).


My old Elder Vampire sculpt. Inspired by the Underworld movies.




A female samurai. Inspired by the Tenchu series.




A dirty run-down cyberpunk city environment that I will gradually fill up with scifi elements. Not building the entire city, just the area around the station. Going to add a lot of vents here.

*update: I was thinking of scrapping this project but I kind of like the new scifi characters I made so I'm thinking of using this level for that instead. So that means I won't be making the level dirty, just grungy/gritty/edgy and I'll also be taking my own vents outside.

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Economy Class Transport Dropship Station


An Interceptor pursuit unit, in pursuit mode and capture mode. It will look more exciting later when I add tall tightly packed hovering scifi buildings with narrow flight paths in between them. And a utility drone prop, modifying the silhouette to make it look more organic similar to Half-Life 2's design with a bit of MGS and Back to the Future. And also a modular environment piece.

The highly maneuverable Interceptor XAT-30XXX model unit takes up 4 lanes with its arms folded. Useful only in rounding up civilians due to poor combat armament. No need to be subtle with the details of this mesh since it's already up my list of backlogs.

*update: Since I'm changing the theme I think I don't need to put main antagonists characters here, maybe some thugs instead. So I'm just going to use these hover vehicles as props instead, doesn't look like these fits the antagonist look I have in my head anyway.


      Here's another head sculpt and color composition study. Lighting needs a bit of work but I think render came out ok to post for now. It's not looking very scifi at the moment but I'm planing on adding some subtle cybernetic gadgets later  to help convey that it's a scifi fantasy setting.

     Now for a bit of backstory. So this guy is the hero who just got out of prison, he lost his memories and doesn't know what's going on. Then in the course of the game his memories start to return gradually through flashbacks.

*update: I'm going to change this character into a background extra instead.

     Inspired by the Half-life series and Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer.

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