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A dirty run-down cyberpunk city environment that I will gradually fill up with scifi elements. Not building the entire city, just the area around the station. Going to add a lot of vents here.

*update: I was thinking of scrapping this project but I kind of like the new scifi characters I made so I'm thinking of using this level for that instead. So that means I won't be making the level dirty, just grungy/gritty/edgy and I'll also be taking my own vents outside.

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Economy Class Transport Dropship Station


An Interceptor pursuit unit, in pursuit mode and capture mode. It will look more exciting later when I add tall tightly packed hovering scifi buildings with narrow flight paths in between them. And a utility drone prop, modifying the silhouette to make it look more organic similar to Half-Life 2's design with a bit of MGS and Back to the Future. And also a modular environment piece.

The highly maneuverable Interceptor XAT-30XXX model unit takes up 4 lanes with its arms folded. Useful only in rounding up civilians due to poor combat armament. No need to be subtle with the details of this mesh since it's already up my list of backlogs.

*update: Since I'm changing the theme I think I don't need to put main antagonists characters here, maybe some thugs instead. So I'm just going to use these hover vehicles as props instead, doesn't look like these fits the antagonist look I have in my head anyway.


      Here's another head sculpt and color composition study. Lighting needs a bit of work but I think render came out ok to post for now. It's not looking very scifi at the moment but I'm planing on adding some subtle cybernetic gadgets later  to help convey that it's a scifi fantasy setting.

     Now for a bit of backstory. So this guy is the hero who just got out of prison, he lost his memories and doesn't know what's going on. Then in the course of the game his memories start to return gradually through flashbacks.

*update: I'm going to change this character into a background extra instead.

     Inspired by the Half-life series and Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer.

*currently listening to: Half life 2 Episode 2 Soundtrack - Vortal Combat []

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